I discovered my love of landscapes when I was eight, staring out the window of our new family car—a 1981 Dasher diesel wagon—while driving from Colorado Springs to Yellowstone National Park. Photography came later. I first worked as a photographer professionally in Tokyo, Japan, and then for eight years in New York City with some of the world's top professional photographers such as Norman Jean Roy, Anton Corbijn, Matthew Ralston, and Philippe Cometti.

Following graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Design, I have had the privilege of working at The Cultural Landscape Foundation, where I have collaborated closely with some of the most significant designers of post-war landscapes: Harriet Pattison, Bill Johnson, and currently Joe Karr. I work closely with landscape architects to represent their vision to clients, the lay public, posterity, and other designers.

I strive to reveal the art of landscape architecture through light, composition, design, and the magic of the moment - to put it simply, the genius loci of the space. I like to represent designed landscapes strategically throughout  the seasons and over the years - they change constantly, that's what makes them so beautiful. "Not unlike life itself" as James Corner noted. Thank you for looking.